Is The Startup Bubble about to Burst? Too much “tameness, lameness, sameness”

by Bob Dorf(as published at

There’s a tech bubble and no one knows when exactly it will pop. We have sky-rocketing valuations like Airbnb ($13 billion), Uber ($41 billion), Snapchat ($10 billion), Dropbox ($10 billion) and so on.

College students think tech is sexy and just about everyone seems to want to be called an entrepreneur.

But there’s one problem: The startup world is cluttered with “wantrapreneurs” who fail to recognize that success demands a tenacity, resiliency and energy unlike any traditional job short of combat infantry soldier or SWAT team member.

Many enthusiastic founders who finish startup training and acceleration programs disappear quickly and quietly from the scene as customers yawn about their big bold ideas. These entrepreneurs aspire to be the next Mark Zuckerberg, and upon learning such a goal is as ephemeral as winning the lottery, their zeal wanes quickly.

One top venture capitalist remarked that we see only about a dozen great companies emerge every year in the U.S. Too often, they’re doing boring and un-techy things like preventing or curing diseases, or solving complex big data challenges that just aren’t as sexy or well-publicized as the next hot-or-not dating app.

As the job market recovers, hopefully, more of those wannabes turn to good old-fashioned W2 jobs, with predictability, stability and health insurance. It’s a place where 99% of people belong. The lesser entrepreneurs should go out and find regular jobs, clearing the clutter for those with the idea, drive and overwhelming ambition to build truly great companies. Because really, we don’t need more startups that are lame, same and tame.

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