Your Picks: The Six Most Popular Bob Dorf Blog Posts of 2013

The only way to determine what I’ve said that’s important is to do customer discovery on the question, and ask YOU!

With thanks to my thousands of followers all over the world, here’s the “Bob Dorf six-pack” of startup opinions and customer development ideas most widely read by YOU:

  1. Why too many startups (er) suck (I don’t think this headline requires much explanation)
  2. The “Ugly Baby” Rule in Customer Discovery, or why you must never conduct discovery interviews with friends, family, or people who know you–the results will be severely biased.
  3.  Ask Yourselves the “Billion Dollar Question” (Keep your eye focused on the long-term goal.)
  4.  Are Business Plans Really Dead (minimal interpretation required. Answer: “sorta, especially early.”)
  5. Start Discovery with the “Give a Crap” Question…the most important, most overlooked issue in startup planning is whether there are hungry, eager, passionate customers waiting for your product.
  6. My Opinion (about your startup) Just Doesn’t Matter (my wife’s favorite, but important for founders!)

Bob Dorf speaks with, coaches and trains startups in lean customer development all over the world. He blogs at and tweets @bobdorf.


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